Children’s Dentistry

One of the most common questions parents ask us at Box Hill South Dental is ‘when should my child have their first dental check-up?’. The Australian Dental Association recommend that all children over the age of one year should have regular dental check-ups.

The first visit is often a basic introduction to the process, with a brief examination of the child’s mouth while sitting in their parents lap. As the child visits more regularly, the examination will become more thorough and more procedures will be introduced such as a dental clean and fluoride application. After children have had all of their ‘baby teeth’ in their mouths for a few years, the dentist may start to take dental x-rays in order to detect any decay between the teeth that may not be visible during examination at all.

Your dentist is the best person to speak to regarding the right foods to eat for healthy teeth, as well as proper at-home care. They can also screen or help treat tooth crowding and treat this with orthodontics or refer to a specialist.

Children’s dental visits should be fun and never anxiety-ridden. At Box Hill South Dental, we pride ourselves on making every child feel comfortable during their appointment, with most children looking forward to their next visit! We are a team of gentle and compassionate professionals, who will make your child feel at ease.

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