Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is a virtually invisible and very hygienic orthodontic treatment. It uses modern technologies in order to straighten your teeth with a series of clear aligners, without having to use unsightly and sore orthodontic brackets or wires. It is suitable for many if not most orthodontic cases, having the added advantage of being easy to maintain and clean unlike fixed braces.

At Box Hill South Dental, Dr Bojana Aboud can offer you Invisalign clear aligner options. The duration of treatment and associated costs will depend on the extent of your tooth crowding or bite correction required. They will help assess this and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. Your first appointment may include photos of your teeth and smiles, mould of your teeth being taken and a comprehensive examination and discussion of your needs. Sometimes patients may require Invisalign, bleaching and some restorative work in order to achieve their ideal smile. This can all be discussed and planned for in this initial consultation.

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