Emergency Dentistry

Types of symptoms that could be dental emergencies:

A dental emergency could be:

  • significant dental trauma, for example your tooth has been fractured, knocked out or cracked 
  • swelling of the face, especially if the swelling creates difficulty breathing
  • trauma to the face and teeth
  • persistent bleeding from within your mouth
  • an ulcer or sore in your mouth that has not healed for 2 weeks or more
  • severe pain from a tooth, several teeth or from within your mouth, particularly pain that keeps you awake
  • a fractured tooth, particularly one that is sensitive to cold and/or hot

How we can help:

Contact us

If you experience any of the above symptoms or general discomfort in the mouth, please contact our dentists in Box Hill as soon as possible on 03 9808 1735. 

Our team will discuss your symptoms to understand the potential issues to then be able to discuss next steps with you. Where we can and if your symptoms indicate urgency, we will accommodate you for treatment as soon as practicable. Where we cannot accommodate you, we may refer you to the Dental Hospital or Dental Specialist.

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